Lessons we learned from our customers about

Monitoring in the time of Corona

Discover what insights we found in a 4-minute deck

How did the current COVID-19 crisis effect your organiztion? 

We created this deck for financial services organizations that in no time, had to adjust to a new playing field. 

A playing field that forced them to allow traders to trade from home, to allow them to conduct customer conversations on non-monitored channels and to try and make sure the organization prevents market abuse, maintains a high level of employee conduct and takes care of their information and data.

Just picture this scenario: 

  • Traders are now working from home.
  • Two rouge traders decide to take advantage of the new situation and the volatile market.
  • The two communicate using WhatsApp on their personal device.
  • They orchestrate a full Spoofing scheme with no one "watching"
  • The organization is held accountable...

We believe that by taking the right steps, compliance teams can still maintain the same level of adherence.

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